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The Truths in this Book Could Change Your Life

Jerry sat on his bed with a .45 in one hand and a Bible in the other... contemplating what to do next.

After pastoring for 30 years, a debilitating stroke had left him unable to work. Gradually the bills piled on top of one another, leaving him feeling buried... and hopeless. His house was scheduled to be sold in a sheriff's sale, and $2,000 in urgent utility and other bills were screaming his name. Maybe it would be easier to just end it all...

That's when he "happened" to catch Gary Keesee on television teaching about what Jesus had to say about money. After ordering a CD series and listening to it, Jerry miraculously received the $2,000 he needed to pay the urgent bills.


...But what about the house? Was it an accident or coincidence that $2,000 had arrived just as he had prayed? Or was there something to this? Had Jerry really discovered a law of the Kingdom of God that could be operated again and again? Was God toying with him?

Could the same process produce the $17,000 he needed to pull the house out of foreclosure?

Download Chapter 1 of Money Mysteries from the Master to find out what happened to Jerry... and learn one of the mysteries Jesus taught about money.

Gary & Drenda Keesee Know What it Means to Be Hopeless

Gary Keesee

GARY KEESEE was a Christian for most of his life, and he was broke!

At the depth of his despair the Lord told him that he would find his answer if he understood how the kingdom of God worked in the earth realm. When Gary began to search the Bible, he discovered mysteries there that he had never heard or understood before. It was those mysteries that completely changed his life and brought him out of debt.

This sequel to Gary's popular book, Fixing the Money Thing, takes a deeper look at the financial mysteries hidden in the kingdom of God. This is a must read for anyone who wants to propel their finances and live debt free. Discover the answers about how the kingdom functions and produces everything you need in the earth realm.

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Preview Gary Keesee's new book Money Mysteries from the Master... and get some great listening material at the same time! Your free download package includes: Money Mysteries download package

  • Chapter 1 of the new Money Mysteries from the Master book
  • Disc 1 of the "Money Mysteries from the Master" teaching series (MP3 format, approximately 45 minutes)
  • You'll never think of the Parable of the Sower the same way again after you hear Gary unveil some of the mysteries Jesus revealed through it! This is part 1 from a 4-part teaching series (available on CD or as an instant download from our online store)
  • The entire "Revolution of the Mind: Finance" audio recording - a $10 value! This powerful recording is one you'll listen to again & again to soak up the powerful truths from God's Word about finances. Gary Keesee reads Scripture after Scripture related to money, prosperity and wealth as gentle music plays in the background. Renew your mind while you work, exercise or even while you sleep! (MP3 format, approximately 30 minutes)

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What People Are Saying About Money Mysteries from the Master

Icon "With all of the media madness and spin on the human understanding of finances, it is critical to have a book that unlocks the irrefutable principles of God for peace, protection, and provision regarding our God-given assets. This book propels Gary’s passion in revealing to the world the inheritance we have in the financial plan of God."

- Dr. Dean R. Radtke
Founder & CEO, The Ministry Institute

Icon "Sadly, the Church today is filled with get rich quick schemes, prosperity theology, and too many television evangelists looking for a handout. But Gary Keesee is the real thing. When he talks about money, I listen. He has the credibility, the experience, and the expertise that will change the way you think about money. Money Mysteries of the Master is the book you need to read—now. You won't regret it. Unless you have all the money you need for the rest of your life, then you need to get it today."

- Phil Cooke
Filmmaker, Media Consultant
Author, Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing

Icon "In his new book, Money Mysteries of the Master, Pastor Gary Keesee lays a solid foundation addressing the important issues of getting out of debt and moving into financial blessings. All the while he places top priority on staying faithful to the kingdom principles of faith and stewardship. Pastor Keesee provides Biblical and common-sense tools that break the bondages of debt and lack and enable people to walk in God's spiritual laws of blessing."

- Marcus D. Lamb
Founder – President
Daystar Television Network